Tile Tower

This page will track the progress of 3D printable hexagonal tile tower.

First iteration; printed extra short for a quick print to test the fit.

Results; the fit is a bit tight to the game piece it was designed for, so for the next iteration, it was adjusted nearly 2% larger on the X and Y.

The next version sent to the printer is the full height with the windows and tabs rounded.

For better speed, the print is set to 300 micron layer height. This will result in the full tower printable in just about four hours.

And the results:

Really pleased with the results and I was going to play around with it to give it surface details. Before I did that I went to upload this version to Thingiverse but found that PatrickIsMe had beat me to it by about four days (his upload was right around the time I started the project) with a completed design. The only issue was that his fancy version wasn’t quite manifold, causing issues in some slicers. I fixed it and uploaded the remix (see photo below for comparison). His tile tower is very nice, and I decided not to finish my own version since it was redundant.

A comparison in my slicer between my manifold version on the left and Patrick’s non-manifold version on the left. You’ll notice that all the bricks are not properly connected to the rest of the tower. They are close enough that they will likely print and stay together, but it’s not good design practice to do.
PatrickIsMe’s version on the printer.

Patrick’s version was a bit small.

So I iterated a couple times by increasing the size and changing the shape of the tab holes. Since my version had worked, I imported it and used it as a reference for the tab hole size. The results are quite nice, here is a print I did of just the lower part to test the fit.

I reduced the distance between the bottom of the tab hole and the bottom of the model by 500 microns. I am pleased with these results and will use this version in my game moving forward.

The fit is snug but not too tight, the tab holes are angled properly to conform to the tabs. I ran of of filament towards the end of the print but thankfully I’m running a printer that will detect that the filament is out, move the head, and wait for fresh filament. It happened at nine hours into a nine and a half hour print. Only a small blemish and slight color change to show for it.

The only other issue with this version is that instead of two large windows, it has a lot of small windows. This prevents it from fitting properly in the game tray. The lack of fit is slight and it still fits properly in the box.

Feel free to reach out to me with any comments or concerns. Again, the link to download is here and the original design is by PatrickIsMe, which he generously uploaded under the Creative Commons, Non-Commercial, Attribution, Share Alike license, which allowed me to share my adjusted version.