Physical Sales

The most convenient purchase options are via my Shapeways storefront and licensed sellers:
As of May 2020, Shapeways will not be updated with new models except by request. Please consider purchasing from XPForge which will be updated according to their schedule.

XP Forge (Worldwide) (Recommended)
Shapeways (Worldwide)
The Tank Factory (Worldwide)
Ebay seller diane0805 (USA)

Digital Sales

My designs are also available for personal and educational use for people who have access to a 3D printer. You can find them for a small fee plus some free sample ones in my shops:
As of May 2020, all new models will only be uploaded to Wargaming3D. I will continue to provide legacy support to CGTrader bundles.


Social Media

You can follow me on social media where I post new designs and updates.



I keep a spreadsheet of my current and planned designs and their status. This spreadsheet also has maximum prices for each miniature for direct sales.

Direct sales

I cannot beat XPForge’s prices. XPForge has similar quality prints to me and better prices and so I recommend buying through them instead of directly from me. While I do net more from direct sales I am not particularly interested in focusing my efforts on managing printing and shipping. This is time much better used for new designs. However the following policy is still in effect:

I am happy to fulfill print-to-order purchases. I take requests directly, through private message on social media or email, sales@ghukek.com. I take these on a case by case basis as time allows and invoice when ready to ship. Standard lead time is two weeks. Minimum order is $15 not including flat $5 shipping. I reserve the right to adjust shipping up for larger orders if necessary however this will be reflected in the estimate I provide when you make your request.

Design Commissions

I do design commissions defaulting at $30/hr on a case by case basis. Please contact me at sales@ghukek.com for details. Check your spam folder for a reply. My design expertise is 1/1800 scale naval. An exception to this rate is 1/1800 WWII naval ships which are set at a flat rate of $15 because they fit within my current project. You are paying to put the design of your choice in the front of the queue. Lead time for designs are up to three months at this time due to my busy school schedule. In Q2 2020 I should be able to increase design production and reduce the expected lead time for commissions.